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Tai Chi against stress

Tai Chi is the abbreviation for "Tai Chi Chuan" and comes from China. It is a Martial arts and movement. In Germany, Tai Chi is mainly practiced because of the health aspect attributed to it.

Surely you know the symbol Yin-and-Yang. This symbol belongs to Tai Chi and stands for the dualism principle. The main aspects are health, meditation and martial arts. The aim of the exercises is to.., To bring body and mind into balance.

In the process, good body statics are established by optimising the position of the joints, which enables the muscles to perform their tasks optimally. This in turn promotes the ability of the body and mind to relax. Over time, breathing becomes deeper, breaths become calmer and longer and the Spirit comes to rest.

What forms are there?

There are very many main and secondary styles of Tai Chi. Depending on the style, the sequences (also called "form") are sometimes performed with small, sometimes with sweeping movements in different body positions. Originally, there was only the long form, in which a run lasts up to 1.5 hours.

But because people have less and less time to learn such complex movements, the so-called short form was developed. Here the duration varies between 5 and 15 minutes, which has made Tai Chi accessible to a wider spectrum.

Why Tai Chi?

Tai Chi enjoys meanwhile a large popularity and is very gladly used, in order to attain internal Rest and relaxation to find. Neck or back problems and stress are common reasons for the decision to learn Tai Chi. But also the aspect of Self Defense plays a not insignificant role.

Thai Chi is used in traditional Chinese medicine as healthy way used as it stimulates the self-healing powers. The art of movement is primarily intended to help with complaints such as chronic fatigue, flabbiness, weak immune system and limitations of the musculoskeletal system and is primarily used to support the healing process.

Exercises against stress

If you want to use Tai Chi to reduce stress, there are some exercises that you can do very well even as a beginner. Integrate your everyday life can. You can find many videos with instructions on how to teach yourself Tai Chi. However, it should be noted that Tai Chi is a highly developed martial art, which follows fixed movement sequences that require a lot of skill.

If you want to practice Tai Chi properly to increase your well-being and relax, you should consider taking a class. Make sure that the course is taught by a qualified teachers is carried out. In Germany, standards for training have become established in recent years.

The costs for these courses vary and can, under certain conditions, be covered by the Health insurance companies be taken over or subsidised.

Please remember: Tai Chi is a good support to reduce stress. However, if you have persistent complaints, you should definitely see a doctor and have the causes clarified. Symptoms such as persistent back pain, migraines, etc. are not always the result of stress. are effects of stress.