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The healthy relationship - How a happy partnership can protect against stress

Coming home from work after an exhausting day, quickly picking up the children from the daycare center and taking them straight to the soccer field, repairing something in the house in between - dozens of such challenges await us every day.

And because time is actually always tight, everything has to be done quickly, but of course at the same time be as perfect as possible - because who wouldn't want to be the perfect colleague, the perfect father, the perfect DIY enthusiast?

Relationship killer stress

Of course, that creates stress. And then the partner makes that one flappy remark - and a huge argument ensues. That Everyday stress the Partnership chargedMost people are probably familiar with this situation: a negative basic mood is spreading, which culminates in stressful disputes even over the smallest details - the socks lying around or disagreement about weekend planning.

Another problem: Your stress is my stress - When stress is contagious

The result: even more stress - a vicious circle! This persistent Stress has a negative effect on health: Burnout and cardiovascular diseases are just some of the possible health risks. So far, so well known. But what many people don't know: A stable, happy partnership can protect against stress and its negative consequences!

This is the result of numerous scientific studies. Happy couples experience significantly less physical stress symptoms than unhappy couples - and are also healthier overall: Their immune system, for example, reacts better and they develop Depressions.

So here you can literally speak of a healthy partnership!

Stress reduction in a happy relationship

Therefore, here are some tips on how to fully develop the positive effects of your relationship and effectively reduce your acute stress levels:

1. mutual assistance

A happy partnership offers a shelterwhere the partners can speak openly about all their problems and feelings and support each other emotionally: If the loved one listens, shows understanding and encourages, this can already help against stress.

At the same time you can of course provide practical advice - after all, you know each other better than anyone else and can therefore often give suitable, appropriate advice.

2. leave everyday life behind

As important as this mutual help is in acute stress situations - you have to switch off sometimes! The best way to do this is to go on regular joint activities where you can forget the daily grind, for example trips to the bathing lake, to an amusement park or on a romantic weekend trip.

The main thing is that you both don't think about your stressful situations, but spend a relaxed time together, talking undisturbed about completely different topics and the proverbial Charge your own batteries can. So you can face the challenges with new energy afterwards!

3. tender touches

Also experienced as positive Touches and kisses have been proven to reduce physical stress reactions and the perception of stress - they help, for example, to curb the release of stress hormones, normalise the heartbeat and lower blood pressure. And they even help against pain!

So cuddling with your partner has a direct positive effect on your well-being - all this also applies to Sex. And especially a loving Massage can work wonders of relaxation!

Strengthening the partnership - against stress and for well-being

Best of all, these tips not only help directly against stress, but also increase intimacy in the partnership. And the better the partnership, the better its protective effect against stress! In this way you can achieve the complete opposite of the vicious circle of everyday stress and Relationship problems reach.

The PAIRfect app


In order to improve the partnership even more sustainably, there are also various support services available. One of them, which every couple can use immediately and easily, is the app PAIRfect. It helps to deal with each other attentively every day and to mutual appreciation meet with. In addition, it also has a lot of tips and suggestions to help together Quality-Time in which you can create the relieve everyday stress and leave it behind you - so that you can experience an even happier relationship that will arm you against the demands of everyday life!


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