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Nature as a source of power

The to-do lists are getting longer and longer and it is becoming more and more difficult to take a break from your busy schedule. But when we take a Finding a moment of peace If we want to relax, sometimes all the external stimuli and constant noises prevent us from really letting ourselves go and being able to relax in this moment.

With this fast pace of life today, we often get the feeling that life is just rushing by. Permanent stress in everyday life and the separation from nature make us sick in the long run. But even a short stay shows its effect.

How nature strengthens us

Nature is an ideal place to To escape the hectic pace of everyday lifeto replenish our energy and find our inner balance again. It strengthens our physical as well as our mental health. A stay in nature relieves stress, relaxes the muscles and also lowers blood pressure and pulse.

But why is that? During stress, the hormone cortisol, among others, is released. Scientists have found out that this hormone changes after Forest walk significantly lower. The stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline are also influenced by the forest atmosphere. The everyday stimulus defence tires and exhausts our body in the long run.

Due to the time spent in the forest, the so-called Nerve of calm, the parasympathetic nervous system...activated. Its activation in turn promotes relaxation, regeneration and the reconstruction of physical and mental resources. This is why our mind finds peace very quickly in nature. Moreover, it makes no demands on us and does not evaluate anything, so we can engage with it completely freely and unhindered. Already after a few minutes the mood rises and with it the self-esteem.

The power of the forest

It is the smell of damp earth, cut wood or the soft moss floor. The typical aromatic forest smell we perceive is part of the plant communication. Plants, trees, shrubs and fungi exchange messages with each other via gaseous substances called terpenes. Using these terpenes, they can, for example, attract insects, which in turn can help them in case of pest infestation, or inform other trees and plants about these attackers.

Our immune system also reacts by increasing its defences to the plant messengers in the forest air. We absorb the terpenes through the lungs when we breathe, but also through our skin. So trees have a healing effect on us.

Walking barefoot - an effective way back to nature

Mindfulness is an important factor in relieving the external stress and getting us back introspect. Nature helps us a lot, because it is much easier for us to be attentive outside than in closed rooms. There is a small and simple exercise that is not only great for our body, but also allows us to go through our environment with more mindfulness in a very short time. Barefoot running.

Small children love it and we should do the same from time to time. Walk slowly across a meadow and take one step at a time. At the same moment, we feel the cool ground under our feet or the blades of grass gently nestling around them. Small stones massage the soles of our feet. The road grip returns and we get back to ourselves.

With this connection we feel grounded again and this in turn helps us to deal with pressure and stress situations more calmly in everyday life. In nature we feel the elemental forcebecause we are not only a part of it, we are nature.

These breaks should become an integral part of everyday lifeThey not only give us strength, they can also prevent physical and mental illnesses. Even short and regular breaks are helpful. Who relaxes where best depends on your own personality.

This article is a guest contribution from Maria.


I finished my coaching training a year ago and due to my great interest in nature and wild herbs, I am increasingly focusing on stress management with the help of the power source nature.

In connection with my herbal walks, I would like to pass on not only old knowledge about the wild plants of our environment, but also draw attention to the healing effects of nature.