The signs of burnout and what you can do about it

Burnout is a real widespread disease. More and more people suffer from the various symptoms without really doing anything about it. If the affected person collapses, it is usually much too late to take any meaningful countermeasures - then the only way to help is usually an outpatient or clinical Therapy. Therefore, it is important to know what to look out for in burnout and how you can determine that you are also suffering from an early stage. If you notice the disease early, you can do something about it without a doctor or medication and the Negative spiral burnout escape.


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First signs of burnout

There are many signs of burnout. However, it is important that you differentiate whether it is a temporary or permanent symptom.
One of the most common signs of burnout is a persistent Tiredness and exhaustion. Those affected have the feeling that they can no longer cope with the everyday tasks. Mostly they feel overwhelmed and tired. The need for rest is growing from day to day. Moreover, the recovery does not last as long as usual.

Further symptomatic of the burnout syndrome is Decrease in your performance. Even simple tasks will not be successful anymore. This leads to concentration problems, nervousness and increased irritability. Even simple decisions can often be difficult for you in this stage of the illness, which is why careless mistakes are made again and again in your job or in daily work.

Often people try to work harder to counteract the problem, but this only takes away more strength. Withdrawal is also a common symptom of burnout. Affected people hide in, let hobbies, family and friends slide. But one of the best known signs of burnout is inner emptiness and the loss of meaning that those affected feel. The Joy in everyday life is lostnothing is more fun and a dissatisfaction and Indifference is spreading. Of course, there are many more symptoms, which are mainly physical. Among them sleep disorders, headaches, back pain and digestive problems.

Fast self-help for burnout

If you notice one or more burnout symptoms in you, you should take direct countermeasures and use methods of self-help. These tips can certainly help against mild forms of burnout:

1. learn how to relax effectively

For those affected, it may sound banal at first, but with the help of various, sometimes simple methods, you can relax your mind and body, which helps you to cope with everyday life. Almost all statutory health insurance companies also offer inexpensive courses for their members in which one can learn relaxation exercises. Group courses in which you Yoga, Meditation or autogenic training Exercising is a good thing Possibility for self-help. What's important is that you have such Perform relaxation exercises regularlyeven when the burnout symptoms subside.

2. move more

Sport is a wonderful tool for self-help and can Reduce mental and physical tension. If you find it an additional burden to do sports, you should start small. Just take five minutes a day and do light gymnastics. Even stretching, stretching, shaking or dancing can help the body. Longer, comfortable walks in a quiet environment can also help you to increase your well-being.

3. set boundaries

Another exercise in self-help is that you set yourself limits. Burnout is usually caused by working permanently beyond your limits and thus exhausting all your reserves. Therefore it is important that you set your own draw boundaries and do not exceed them. For example, you make a firm commitment not to work more than eight hours today. After the work is done, you distract yourself and your body through other activities. For example, meeting friends or pursuing a hobby.

A particularly important point in the treatment of burnout is that you treat yourself and thinks of you once in a while. Treat yourself to a massage, take a day off or go out for dinner. The important thing now is that you do what you like. There should be positive feelings are generatedbecause they reduce stress. Such "Me days" you should do at regular intervals to free your soul.

When should you see a doctor?

Some people are so engrossed in their world that the burnout signs are only noticed when it is already too late. That's why it's important to know at what point you should see a doctor so that you can professional care the new world. If you would not do this, the psychological and physical symptoms can soon worsen, so that secondary diseases are also a consequence. If you notice various signs of burnout, you should first try out our tips for self-help. However, some people just can't switch off or ignore the tips after a few days, so they fall back into their old patterns.

If it has come to your attention that you are the same, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Affected persons with heavy symptones usually do not manage to free themselves from the burnout spiral without outside help. You should also seek medical advice immediately in case of severe physical reactions. It always applies that you should rather go to the doctor too early than wait too long. Report your fears to the doctor so that he can examine you.