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Time out from everyday life

Take a breath, drop it, no need to answer urgent e-mails, phone calls, SMS or WhatsApp Submerge and immerse yourself in your own world...come to yourself and just be... enjoy the things that life has to offer...

Who wouldn't want to do the same from time to time?

Up to now, we humans have neither adapted to the pace and the ever faster changes in our (professional) everyday life, nor to the ever increasing amount of incoming information and external stimuli. The consequences are often physical or psychological complaints, the sense of being overwhelmed and lack of desire to work. We feel like "Geared" and lose the good feeling to determine our everyday life ourselves.

Switch off in nature

In order to remain efficient, stable and resilient, we need to take breaks at regular intervals, during which we gather strengthand feel us and life again, and Clarityrediscover lightness and vitality. We can do this best in nature - far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, everyday life and familiar surroundings. The tranquillity, silence and simultaneous vitality of the forest and meadow landscape helps us to to switch off and gain lightness.

Just the green around us helps us to relax and increases our well-being. The Bavarian Forest with its National Park - together with the Sumava National Park the largest contiguous forest area in Central Europe - offers green enough for that!

With Yoga, Meditation and valuable life impulses, we can re-sort ourselves, get rid of the unnecessary and leave it behind us and recharge our batteries with vitality. Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation are now well researched and validated methods that allow you to Training body and mind and can achieve more serenity, performance and lasting well-being. Vitality, lightness and clarity are the result.

The right feel-good frame is also important: a relaxed, warm atmosphere, a cuisine rich in vital substances and regional gourmet cuisine and the possibility of further treatments, massages and more. "Slow Food" complements your time out perfectly - Deceleration, mindfulness and time for life enjoyment on a holistic level!

This way your time-out becomes a very special, lasting "pleasure gift"!

You will find great offers throughout the year in the Refugium Hotel Lindenwirt (with Stefanie Wölfl, Yoga teacher (BDY) / Ayurveda expert / psych. consultant)