tips against stress in study

Tips against stress during studies

The pressure on students is often high. Test anxiety, Learning Blocks, Fear of the future, Money worries and doubt are among the biggest obstacles in studying. For some students, the stress triggers health problems. In severe cases, it even leads to depression or anxiety attacks, the typical symptoms of a burnout syndrome. We give tips on how you can get back on track in such cases.

Recognize stress symptoms

Everyone reacts differently in stressful situations. Some feel helpless and overwhelmed, others are irritable and aggressive. The physical and psychological symptoms however, are usually similar. These include the following complaints:

Constant stress during your studies also weakens your immune system, so that you can more susceptible to disease are. Also complaints like Skin irritations, muscle cramps or difficulty swallowing may be related to increased stress in college.

Prevent burnout

Since stress manifests itself in many forms and there are various causes, there is no patent remedy for stress during studies. However, the following tips can help you if you suffer from stress during your studies.


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Recognize causes

Only if you know what causes the stress, you can do something about it. Observe over a longer period of time when and why stressful situations arise. Do you keep putting off tasks and end up under time pressure? Do you want to do everything at once and as perfectly as possible? Do external factors such as a fight with a boyfriend or girlfriend put a lot of pressure on you? Such factors can put you under a lot of pressure and cause stress in your studies. Try your personal stressors and to avoid them as far as possible.

Time Management

Unstructured and disorganized work can quickly lead to stress. Create a schedule for yourself on a regular basis - especially during exam periods. There you list all the tasks that you have to complete step by step. Sort them according to priorities and set precise time limits. If you create a Schedule you can also consciously create space for yourself and schedule breaks. This helps to regain a sense of control.

The following can also be helpful Time management methods be:

Release from disruptive factors

Stress management also involves consciously avoiding unnecessary disruptive factors. Loud roommates and ringing mobiles for example, can be very distracting when you need to concentrate, causing stress and weighing you down in your studies. Retreat to the library and create a space for yourself. Working environment in which you feel comfortable. Avoid environments that you associate with bad feelings or memories.

Realistic expectations

Don't be swayed by how much your fellow students have already learned or how supposedly well they have it all down. Focus on yourself and your individual way of dealing with stress in your studies and private life. Find the right way for you and your individual learning type. Set yourself realistic goals and also recognize when you feel stressed or need help.

Take breaks and create distractions

If the stress of studying is too much for you, consciously take a Break even during exams. Because you can't concentrate on learning when you're under a lot of stress and pressure. Take some time out, go for a run jogWatch your favourite TV show, meet up with friends or simply do nothing at all. Even short breaks can help you relax a lot. Afterwards you can again hit the ground running.

No one can study around the clock. Stick to your schedule, but reward yourself too with activities that you enjoy, in order to prevent the emerging stress overload.

Healthy nutrition

Of course, proper nutrition is also part of your own well-being. Make sure you don't only eat sweets and fast food in times of stress, but reach for fruit and vegetables more often and take the time to prepare something yourself. Because that way you combine the good nutrition with some distraction and relaxation. Also you should drink enoughbut avoid excessive consumption of coffee or energy drinks.

get rid of frustration

If a lot of stress and frustration has built up in your life, you should try to balance it out. Sport - especially endurance sports - is very well suited, as it can be used as release valve can serve. Positive side effect: You increase your physical well-being and your fitness.