How vacation without children can strengthen the mental health of parents

Children are the most important thing in life for parents, but nevertheless family life can also be stressful. According to a report by TUI many parents often feel stressed because of their many responsibilities and lack of relief in their daily lives.

More than ever, parents long for time just for themselves and vacations to really relax. However, they are often unsure whether they should take time off from family life at all. In this article, we'll explain to you why it benefits parents, and the whole family, when parents pursue their need for time off.

Increased social pressure puts a strain on parents

In recent decades, expectations of parents have increased. The bond between parents and children has become more intense and the well-being of children is firmly at the center of parents' lives.

Parents are supposed to take very good care of their children, but society's expectations often don't end there, as Mr. Ritzer-Sachs, a certified social pedagogue and educational consultant, summarizes:

"In the media, all parents function wonderfully. Mothers in particular are portrayed as power women, dressed in fancy clothes, taking care of the kids, doing the laundry, working the top job on the side, and always in a good mood. Fathers lovingly play with their offspring after work. This can already lead to self-doubt should this ideal not be achieved."

Parents themselves also admit that the too high expectations from the outside, but also on themselves, are stressful. You can take a look at the results of a representative study of parents below and consider whether some of them also apply to you:

Parents clearly long for more relief in their lives. They shouldn't ignore these needs either, no matter how hectic everyday life is. The best way to combat stress is to take time out from stressors, even if it is the beautiful family life. 

Parents need more time for themselves to better cope with everyday stress

Parents' need for time off is great. Unfortunately, they cannot realize their wishes regarding relief as they would like, as the results of a KKH study show:

However, because of the ideal of perfect parents, it can be difficult for them to allow themselves some needed time off. Parents should not be ashamed, however, if they want time just for themselves now and then.

Of course, spending time together with the kids is the best, but it's completely normal to want to take small breaks from being a parent, too. Parents need to be a little bit selfish, because family life should not exhaust all their mental capacities.

The experts also agree with this: According to Dipl. Sozialpädagoge and educational consultant Ritzer-Sachs, many parents rightly realize that time out helps them to be there with even more energy for everyday tasks and, of course, for the family. After all, the children ultimately benefit when parents are relaxed and feel good.

On vacation without children parents can really relax and nurture their relationship

A vacation without their offspring can often help parents cope very well with stressful everyday life. 90% of vacationers even agree with the statement that no other type of self-care can help their mental and emotional well-being as well as vacations.

A vacation without children offers a lot of room to do something as a couple that would not be possible with children. According to a travel study, parents' vacation wishes and what they can actually do on a family vacation often don't match:

The travel study responses also prove parents' desire to have more time for their relationship. They should also rightly not neglect their relationship, as Mr. Ritzer-Sachs emphasizes:

"When the children are grown up and the partnership has been on ice until then, the time is missed and the couple relationship may be very cold. The love relationship must not be neglected. It is kept alive by shared experiences with and without children."

Family life is filled with compromises. However, parents also need enough time for themselves so that they don't have to consider only the needs of the children. A vacation without children, however, doesn't have to take much time away from family life. For example, a one-week vacation does not even equal 2 % of the year.

You can allow yourself this time without a guilty conscience, so that you can return to your offspring with more energy at the end.