weakened-immune system-through-stress-honey-can-help

Weakened immune system through stress - honey can help

Chronic stress affects us all. In addition to a multitude of psychological symptoms caused by stress, physical complaints can also be promoted or even caused by it. One of the most frequent physical signs of Permanent stress is a weakened immune system.

Stress weakens our immune system

Viruses and bacteria lurk everywhere. The reason that we are not permanently ill despite "constant bombardment" by the pathogens is our immune system - provided it is naturally intact. Our body's own Defense system cannot of course prevent every virusEverybody gets the flu once, just like a gastrointestinal virus. This is usually not very serious. Because if our immune system is stable, we can cure such diseases quickly and mostly without additional medication

However, the situation is different when we suffer from chronic stress. It does not matter whether it is stress at work or in the family, or whether it is caused by other factors. A continuous mental strain, which we perceive as stress, demonstrably reduces the Effectiveness of the immunoregulatory stress hormone cortisolas a study from the University of Virginia proves.

So if we are in a state of continuous stress, our body will find it more difficult to fight off the pathogens. As a result, we fall ill much more frequently and our recovery takes all the longer.

The right nutrition to strengthen the immune system

Especially in times when we are exposed to increased stress, it is therefore all the more important to pay attention to the right nutrition. A proven home recipe can also help to get the immune system going again: honey.

Manuka Honey and its health benefits

An old beekeeper's proverb says: "One beehive drives away ten doctors". Honey is a natural product that can also be proven health-promoting properties has. However, not every type of honey is to be evaluated in the same way. For example, a cheap honey from the supermarket contains far fewer trace elements and vitamins than a royal jelly, which is many times more expensive.

In particular the New Zealand originated Manuka Honey is currently on everyone's lips - and not without good reason: the honey comes from the flower nectar of the New Zealand Manuka shrub and is effective due to its valuable ingredients anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and more importantly immune-boosting. Responsible for this is the substance methylglyoxal (MGO), which is found in Manuka Honey in various concentrations. Good, or more effective, Manuka Honey can be recognised by the manufacturer's MGO content - the higher the MGO content, the stronger the effect of the honey.

Beside honey there are of course also completely different Foods that can help with increased stress. A balanced and healthy diet is and remains an important basis if we also want to activate and strengthen our natural defences.