Why smoking does not help against stress

Smoking helps against stress. This is a widespread misconception. But if that were really the case, smoking should also help non-smokers against stress. But in fact the glow only relaxes smokers and this is also quite normal: it is always beneficial for addicts if, after a long period of withdrawal, they can Narcotic Drugs that the psyche and body miss.

It is not surprising that the relaxation effect of drug addicts appears to be all the stronger when external stress factors are added: Because in this way the satisfaction of the addiction helps at the same time against the withdrawal stress and the further stress. The consumption of the drug thus apparently reduces the total amount of stress. This makes the addict feel more relaxed and connects the addictive substance directly to this effect.

Many smokers reach for the glow stick to drive away stress, depression or anxiety. But this is exactly where the problem lies! Because reaching for a cigarette does not solve these problems, it rather makes them worse.

Nicotine only helps in the short term against stress through withdrawal

Nicotine is said to have a calming effect. But nicotine has three effects depending on the situation:

  • On non-smokers, nicotine acts with dizziness, headaches and nausea because their receptors are not protected against the strong nerve poison.
  • Nicotine has a relaxing effect on smokers if they have not smoked for a long time, because the nicotine penetrates the damping protection device of the receptors and simulates the effect of feel-good information.
  • In addition, nicotine has a stressful effect on smokers, since in phases without a cigarette the feel-good information simulating the effect of the previous cigarette diminishes and the receptors lack the usual caresses due to immunisation.

Nicotine only helps against this withdrawal stress in the short term. In the long term it creates stress that non-smokers do not feel.
And if you quit smoking, within a very short time you will no longer have it.

Tips against too much stress

There are some Techniques for coping with stress.

Targeted relaxation exercises, such as the autogenous traininghelp us to relax our body and come to rest.