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Why does exercise help against stress?

Over 50 percent of Germans say that they watch television because it allows them to relax. Preferably in the evening on the couch after a hard day at work. Experts say that television does not offer any real opportunity for relaxation.

Studies even show that Feelings of stress are even intensified can. What the body needs is a certain effort to relax. It is not without reason that we like to talk about feel underutilisedbecause that's what we are after a day of inactivity.

Why do we need more exercise?

If stress is now added to the motionlessness, the Hormone balance out of balancebecause the stress hormone Cortisol is spreading. The higher the stress level, the more cortisol is produced by the body. The consequences are Unrest, ravenous appetite and in the long term even a attacked immune system. But what's to stop it?

Against this, it is particularly helpful to regularly Sport to do. In sports we set a stimulus that tenses us up at the first moment. What follows is relaxation. Cortisol is actively broken down and we feel more balanced.

Which sport is suitable for reducing stress?

The most important thing is that the sport is fun. Many experts advise endurance sports like Joggingbecause you'll be working on the crisp air no complicated techniques need to be learned and accordingly the thoughts can wander freely. However, if you have to force yourself to walk, it is better to try YogaPilates or team sports.

Because even Regularity is an important prerequisite. The nice thing about team sports is not only that you commit yourself to a certain regularity, especially Training in company has positive effects. In current trend sports such as functional training and CrossFit you train in a group, sometimes in a team, sometimes in competition. One is in touch with people and goes to his physical limits. Two great prerequisites for stress relief.

Activate your happiness hormones

Another well-known hormone is the so-called Endorphin. Endorphins are released, among other things, through intensive sporting activities. As the word happiness hormone already suggests, endorphins have a pain-relieving and calming effect and are therefore absolutely wanted, especially in stressful times.

Anyone who has ever really worked up a sweat during sports knows the feeling afterwards - proudly going home with a big smile. This intoxication-like state is known under the name runners high known. The reason for this is the happiness hormones endorphins and phenethylamines. The result: one feels good, strives to feel the feeling again, gets the desire for more exercise. The body becomes well supplied with bloodIt relieves tension caused by stress and is used to full capacity - relaxed.

The only thing to do is to avoid overstraining yourself - whether with too much or too frequent strain - it does not matter. Overload has the exact opposite effect. That is why it is so important to find the sport you enjoy. And if it is the evening stroll in the park, it's still a better alternative to the couch.

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